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Liberate Yourself from Financial Struggles by Signing up with Bitcoin Pro Today

Bitcoin Pro trades bitcoin for you at a win rate of up to 88%. At least 60% of those who have tried us in the last two years are living the millionaire lifestyle. We are offering free registration slots for the next few days for users in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Africa. Please register with us now through the signup form above.

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What some of our users have to say

Damien Q. Brisbane

Profit: $ 23,443

“This trading system is incredibly profitable. I am now in week two of trading, and my account balance stands at $23443 from an initial deposit of $250. This app is the real cash cow, especially if you plough back your daily profits.”

Stella M. St Petersburg

Profit: $ 50,637

“I have just withdrawn $50,000 from my $250 trading account. The amount of daily profits generated by this bot is just unbelievable. I don’t think I will ever work for anyone with this type of profitability.”

Ernest B. Vancouver

Profit: $ 213,513

“I started trading with Bitcoin Pro in 2017, and it has changed my life completely. A deposit of $250 in 2015 has grown to $225,617. This is despite withdrawing at least $5000 every month. I am now living the luxurious lifestyle that I have always dreamt about.”

Malachi R. Rio de Janeiro

Profit: $ 23,447

“Money is no longer a problem now that I have already paid my student debt and bought my dream house and car. I thank Bitcoin Pro App for the financial freedom. This trading bot is a real money minting machine.”


We have a loyal following from bitcoin enthusiasts and traders from across the globe. Our trading system has proven to be a consistent performer for the last three years we have been in the market. Bitcoin Pro has for the three years in a row won the coveted Best AI-powered Trading System Award by the Global Society of Auto-traders.


Bitcoin Pro was the first trading system to apply AI and blockchain in fast-paced bitcoin trading. We are still among the most advanced bitcoin trading systems across the globe. Bitcoin Pro mostly applies scalping techniques to profit off rising and falling bitcoin prices.


We are proud of our well-equipped and informed customer service team. The Global Association of Auto-traders has recently awarded us the best robot in customer service 2020. Our users also report great satisfaction with our trading system.



The Bitcoin ProProfitTrade TimeCryptocurrencyResult
Harry S.. just won trade...$18326/11/2020EOS/ETHtick
Sophie R. just won trade...$19326/11/2020EOS/ETHtick
Evan M. just won trade...$10126/11/2020ETH/LTCtick
Luke G.. just won trade...$17426/11/2020EOS/ETHtick
Chloe K. just won trade...$5126/11/2020EOS/ETHtick
Ewan C. just won trade...$14826/11/2020EOS/ETHtick
Lilly R. just won trade...$24026/11/2020EOS/ETHtick
Sebastian R. just won trade...$14426/11/2020BTC/ETHtick
Naomi R. just won trade...$7426/11/2020ETH/LTCtick
Ellie J. just won trade...$17726/11/2020EOS/ETHtick


Step 1
Register a free account

Sign up with us for free by filling the registration form at the top right corner of this page. Your data is safe with us since our platforms are RSA protected.

Step 2
Deposit Trading Capital

You need a minimum of $250 to participate in the global bitcoin markets. We have authorized the underlying broker to receive funds on our behalf.

Step 3
Trade on Our Live Account

Bitcoin Pro offers automated trading services. This means that only very little manual input is required to make money with us.



Is Bitcoin Pro profitable?

Yes! Our trading system guarantees insane daily profits to users who follow the provided trading instructions and tips. An average user can turn a deposit of USD250 to $1250 in less than eight hours of trading.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Pro?

That will depend on how much you can afford. You need at least USD 250 to participate in bitcoin trading through this robot.

Is Bitcoin Pro a scam?

Our trading system is based on verified technologies and trades through the most reputable brokers in the industry. These brokers are compliant with the regulatory guidelines provided by the FCA and ASIC.

How do I deposit money in my Bitcoin Pro Account?

You are matched with a broker after registration and prompted to fund your account through them. The Bitcoin Pro brokers are reputable and support deposits through bank transfer, debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and bitcoin.

How do I withdraw from my Bitcoin Pro Account?

Withdrawing your profits from Bitcoin Pro is also a walk in the park. Fill the request form on the broker’s page, and your money will reach you in the next 12 hours. You will receive a withdrawal success confirmation within minutes of submitting the request.

A detailed look into the Bitcoin Pro App System

What is Bitcoin Pro?

Bitcoin Pro is a powerful trading system based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The robot trades bitcoin volatility by betting on BTC price relative to other currencies. It does all trading on auto-pilot and is therefore recommended for all type of uses.

We are among the pioneers in the application of AI technologies in algorithmic trading. This means that we have refined our approach to offer the best results to our users. At least 70% of Bitcoin Pro users earn profit from the first day of trading.

We have made the registration process a breeze for all users. You don’t have to go through a tedious screening process to be accepted in our trading club.

Bitcoin Pro is available in all jurisdictions that accept investment through CFDs. Our trading system applies the financial derivative known as Contract for Difference (CFD) to speculate on BTC against other cryptos such as ETH and BCH, and fiats such as the USD and GBP. 

We have explained the registration and trading process below.

1. Like in any other trading/investment platform, you must create an account with us to access our platform. We have made the signup process smooth by eliminating the unnecessary screening process implemented by other trading systems. However, you need to verify your contact details with us and ID with the matched broker for the safety of your account.

2. After verification, you will be allowed to fund your account through the matched broker. Remember that Bitcoin Pro uses these brokers as the link to the markets and hence it makes sense that all deposits happen through them. You can deposit through any method for free.

3. We offer a free demo to help you familiarize with the live platform. Make sure that you take your time to practice enough before clicking the live button. Our system is auto, and hence very little manual input is needed to trade successfully.

Facts about Bitcoin Pro

Bitcoin Pro App is a viral trading system thanks to its advanced features and proven performance. Here are some interesting points to note about this robot.

  • Bitcoin Pro was founded at the onset of the bitcoin boom of 2017/2018 and was a key driver of the insane volatility in early 2018.
  • Most of those who had registered with the system at the time we’re able to earn over $1 million each.
  • Bitcoin Pro has recently opened new registrations in preparation of the anticipated crypto boom of 2020/2021.
  • Those who will register with the system now should expect earning insane profits in the next few months.
Did Bitcoin Pro Appear on Mainstream Media?

We have been featured in over 20 TV programs across the UK and Australia. Our trading app has gone viral on social media, and we are receiving unprecedented news coverage from online publications.

Some claim that we have been featured in some popular TV shows. But is this true?

  • Bitcoin Pro and the Shark Tank – The news platforms claiming that we have appeared on the Shark Tank are confusing us with another trading platform.
  • Bitcoin Pro and Dragons Den – We have also not appeared on the UK’s Dragons Den as some news portals have been alleging.
Bitcoin Pro App Review: The Verdict! 

We are a safe, easy to use, and highly profitable trading system. With us, you can get your money to work for you as you sit back and watch as the money trickles into your bank account.

At least 80% of our users make money, and there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t earn good profits too. We are available in most countries and accept all clients irrespective of their financial background.

Bitcoin Pro is an AI robot with a win rate of 90%. We are top ranking on most review platforms, including ForexPeaceArmy and TrustPilot. Kick start your trading journey now by signing up with us here.

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