Will all ActionScript functions work in Giotto?

February 17, 2010

Vectorian Giotto supports complete ActionScript 2 – so all ActionScript code written for AS2 should work in Giotto without changes. Most ActionScript 1 code can be made to work in Giotto with minor changes; while ActionScript 3 code is not currently supported.

What is the support for text effects?

All the effects work on text – there are no limitations. Just pick the text object and apply the desired effect(s) to it – and that is all!

Will I be able to use all the effects and filters?

All the effects and filters, from simplest to most complicated, are used the same way. Learn to use one, and you learned to use all of them. All the effects and filters can be set-up with few clicks of mouse and possibly entering few numeric parameters – without any coding required at all.

What’s the difference between Vectorian Giotto and Adobe® Flash®?

Vectorian Giotto is simpler, easier to use and much cheaper alternative software to Adobe® Flash®. Both applications use similar approach (with Giotto being easier to use) to produce SWF (“Small Web Format” or ” Shockwave® Flash®”) files that can be embedded into websites to enrich them with animation and/or interactivity.