Library window enables you to store and organize resources created in Flash, as well as imported files, including bitmap graphics and sound files. You can organize your resources in folders, duplicate, rename or delete them, from library.


Clicking this icon will open the main insert resource dialogue window. You can now choose what type of resource you want to create, either Movie clip or Button. You can designate the appropriate name for your resources by typing it in the Name box.

Movie Clips

Creating the Movie clip resource opens new stage for creating independent animation that can be stored into your library and then used for whatever purpose you want. This basically means that you can create animation within animation that can be used with great flexibility in your main animation. When you enter your new movie clip stage you will see that new option is added above the timeline: Go To Movie.
With this option you can go back to the main stage of your animation. To reenter your newly created movie clip, just double-click on it in the library.


Creating the Button resource opens new stage for creating a special animation form that has multiple func-tions on the same area depen-ding on the behavior of your cursor. You can see that there is no timeline in the button resource; instead, there are four button positions that are actually independent frames in which you set the appearance of your button and its functionality. The four frames are: Up – create in this frame your button as it will be seen without any intervention from cursor; Over – this frame designates how button looks when the cursor is hovering over it; Down – this frame designates how button looks when it is pushed by left-click; Hit – in this frame you can designate the area on which the cursor will trigger frames Over and Down. You can insert library movie clips in button frames.

External Library

It is possible to use libraries defined in other project files, using the External Libraries tool. Symbols imported from an external library are copied into the current library, and can be freely edited without affecting the source.