Flash Outruns HTML5 on Mobile Devices

September 22, 2010

Chris Black made an interesting analysis of the performing speed of HTML5 and Flash animations on leading mobile devices. Results show that Flash exceeds the framerate of HTML5 by 50%. Another reserch show that Flash 10.1 still consumes about half the battery of the HTML5 equivalent in the browser on the Nexus One.

Chris concludes: “HTML5 will sit side by side with Flash. Gradient fonts, drop shadows, basic video and simple transitions are probably better suited for HTML5. When it comes to rendering display objects, animation and digital rights management for video, it would be silly not to use Flash. But wait Chris, HTML5 performance is going to get better! I’ll believe it when I see it. Adobe continues to raise the bar and it will be an uphill battle to catch up.”

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