Filters let you apply interesting visual effects to graphic elements. They can be animated in motion tween for performing dynamic effects on animated objects. You can experiment with applying as many effects you want for achieving combined effect. Filters can be applied to text, buttons, and movie clips.

Applying filters

To apply a filter you need to open the filters window (see beside), select applicable object and then, by clicking on add filter icon, select the appropriate filter. You can customize each filter effect by changing specific options for each.

Removing filters

To remove a filter just select the object on which the filter is applied, in filters window select the unwanted filter, and then click remove icon, or press delete key on your keyboard.


Drop shadow

The Drop Shadow filter simulates the look of an object casting a shadow onto a surface, shadowy object (Inner shadow effect), cutting out a hole in the background in the shape of the object (knockout effect) or just shadow of an object (Hide object effect).


This filter is used to reduce image noise and reduce detail levels. The Blur filter softens the edges and details of objects. Applying a blur to an object can make it appear as if it is behind other objects, or make an object appear to be in motion.


The Glow filter lets you apply a shining color all around the edges of an object.


Applying a bevel highlights the object in a way it makes it appear to be curved up above the background surface. You can create an inner bevel, an outer bevel, or a full bevel.

Gradient Glow

Applying a gradient glow produces a glow look with a gradient color across the surface of the glow.

Gradient Bevel

Applying a gradient bevel produces a raised look that makes an object appear to be raised above the background, with a gradient color across the surface of the bevel.

Adjust Color

Applying an adjust color filter enables you to control the color parameters within the object.