“Boomerang” Effect

This effect gives the impression of, as the name suggests, thrown object that returns to its point of origin. You can change the color from/to which the object jumps, change the offset, scale or rotation of the object by assigning numerical values in text boxes.


Duration : This option controls duration of the animation in seconds * 10.


Offset option controls in what direction and how further will text/letters be thrown. You can designate X and Y offset, and X and Y offset at halftime.


Scale : Scale option is used for scaling up or scaling down objects. You can set the scale at half time too.


Rotation option controls how much will text/letters rotate during their movement. You can designate rotation angles until and after half-time.


Color Effect : Use this option to change color of the object, or to set transparency.


This option gives you ability to accurately set all 3 color values. You can also adjust alpha value.


This option is only available if you are working with text.

Frame delay : Sets delay between frames.

Text Color

This option is only available if you are working with text. Select brush type and control separately brush colors. You can also control pen color and pen width.

Seven default presets are also available. Check the lower left corner in the Effects window.