How to make Flash buttons in Giotto

May 27, 2011

We’re glad to present you video tutorial, made by one of our users, TheLotusPwns. She gave us very useful feedback, and also shared great advices for the new users of Giotto. Be sure to check it out:



Here are the Actionscript codes that she found useful:

on(release){//this means the code activates when the mouse button is released
gotoAndPlay(#);// this code takes you to the frame number specified

on(press){//this means the code activates when the mouse button is pressed
nextFrame();// this code takes you to the next frame

prevFrame();//  this code takes you to the previous frame

stop();//this code stops the animation or game

on (release) {
getURL(“”,”_blank”);//this opens google in a new tab

Giotto becomes freeware with latest release

April 14, 2011

Good news, everyone! Vectorian Giotto will continue its software existence as a free product. Yes, we heading to the place of the top choice among freeware flash tools, and we count on your help on that road. Meanwhile, we’ll try to continue to answer your questions listen to your feedback. Please tell us how can we help you!
And now, more good news: this free version of Giotto is not the same, it’s even better than the old one! Giotto 3.0 is completely redesigned, and improved according to your feedback. After redesign, Giotto is exactly 4 and a half times easier to work with (based on a survey of the two flash designers, overtaken by the new found beauty of our software :) !

Cool Flash video

December 21, 2010

Something awesome is cooking in the Vectorian’s kitchen, you’ll know details about it soon. In the meanwhile, check out this cool flash animation from one of our users (warning, video clip is “R rated”):

How to fix Flash objects on your web page

November 22, 2010

Embedded Flash objects are integral part of the web as we know it. Many forms of Flash objects such as banners, slide shows, preloaders, videos, etc., are there to enrich our online experience, but there’s one common bug that sometimes spoils it. It’s the situation when Flash animation covers some other part of  the interface which can be important to the visitor. Here’s the example:

Solution for this problem is simple, you have to set wmode to “transparent” or “opaque” on your Flash embeds. See this example:

<param name=”movie” value=””>
<param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”>
<embed src=”” wmode=”transparent”>

This is realizable in all cases, except when Flash Ad is in an iframe. You can read more about this problem on a dedicated site.

New review of Giotto!

September 29, 2010

Guys from the 3d2f com wrote an interesting review of our animation software.
They say that Vectorian Giotto is “irreplaceable aide of every artist of the digital era”. You can find the text here.

Flash Outruns HTML5 on Mobile Devices

September 22, 2010

Chris Black made an interesting analysis of the performing speed of HTML5 and Flash animations on leading mobile devices. Results show that Flash exceeds the framerate of HTML5 by 50%. Another reserch show that Flash 10.1 still consumes about half the battery of the HTML5 equivalent in the browser on the Nexus One.

Chris concludes: “HTML5 will sit side by side with Flash. Gradient fonts, drop shadows, basic video and simple transitions are probably better suited for HTML5. When it comes to rendering display objects, animation and digital rights management for video, it would be silly not to use Flash. But wait Chris, HTML5 performance is going to get better! I’ll believe it when I see it. Adobe continues to raise the bar and it will be an uphill battle to catch up.”

Demand for Flash developers is on the rise

September 13, 2010

Flash Developer Wanted!
According to Wall Street Journal, demand for Flash developers keeps surging recently. It’s a  refreshing reminder that those who have marked Flash as a dying technology are quite wrong indeed. Top full-time Flash engineers can now command more than $150,000 a year in salary, says Stuart Liroff, a headhunter at GreeneSearch recruiting firm. That compares with $50,000 to $80,000 a year three years ago, several entrepreneurs say. With the rise of online social gaming start-ups such as Zynga Game Network Inc. and others—many of which make online games that involve Flash technology—demand for Flash engineers has suddenly surged.

Just added – Gallery of banner templates

July 19, 2010

New version of Vectorian Giotto (v2.3) comes with exquisite selection of flash banner templates, but now you have a chance to preview it on our web site. Jump to our template gallery page, and look at these awesome banners that come bundled with the new Giotto.

Adobe Flash goes 3D!

July 9, 2010

Adobe Flash isn’t missing out all the fun with 3D, they revealed that it will include 3D graphic support in a future version of the browser plug-in. The move is an important advancement for Flash, a software foundation that eases programmers’ difficulties with incompatibilities among various operating systems and browsers. And it’ll come none too soon: Flash is under siege by a host of Web standards, and part of that work focuses on 3D Web graphics. Read more about it on cnet.

YouTube: Flash still ‘owns’ HTML5

June 30, 2010

Official Youtube API blog yesterday brought nice blog post, giving the reasons for not letting HTML5 replace Flash as the default video option for steaming. YouTube software engineer John Harding’s argument comes down to one simple statement: “We need to do more than just point the browser at a video file like the image tag does – there’s a lot more to it than just retrieving and displaying a video.” He goes on to list several points where Flash still beats the up-and-coming HTML5 <video> tag.

One of the points is the need to standardize video format, and concerns about patents and licencing, which all speaks in the favour of Flash. There’s also the need for an effective and reliable means of delivering the video to the browser. Simply pointing the browser at a URL is not good enough, as that doesn’t allow users to easily get to the part of the video they want.

Harding also speaks about content protection, fullscreen option and Camera and Microphone access, which all set Flash as a primary option for Youtube. He encloses his statement with: “Today, Adobe Flash provides the best platform for YouTube’s video distribution requirements, which is why our primary video player is built with it.”

You can also read about this on ReadWriteWeb.