“Appear/Disappear” Effect

If you want to make impression of an object slowly coming in/out of sight use this effect. Duration and direction of effect animation can be adjusted.


Duration : This option controls duration of the animation in seconds * 10.


Zoom direction : With this option you can determine will object zoom in or zoom out in its dis/appearance animation.

Scale : Scale option is used for scaling up or scaling down objects.


Move type : With this options you can choice whether the letters will move in to imaginary surface, or moving out from surface.

Move effect : Choose if you would like sliding letters during animation or not.

Move direction : Choose between 8 available directions for moving.


Color Effect : Use this option to change color of the object, or to set transparency.


This option gives you ability to accurately set all 3 color values. You can also adjust alpha value.


This option is only available if you are working with text.

Frame delay : Sets delay between frames.

Text Color

This option is only available if you are working with text. Select brush type and control separately brush colors. You can also control pen color and pen width.

Four default presets are also available. Check the lower left corner in the Effects window.